Webinar: Embodied Carbon within real estate

Measuring embodied carbon in your buildings allows you to identify savings upfront as well as across the whole life of the building, so it is a crucial step in the transition to net zero as well as helping you to stay ahead of regulatory interest in this area.

We have been working with a number of clients to calculate and report on the embodied carbon of their portfolios. Our reporting team are excited to share the insight they have gained through their work with leading real estate businesses.

Watch our on-demand webinar: Embodied carbon within real estate.

Members of the Verco real estate team presented the following:

  • An overview of embodied carbon, in relation to whole life carbon emissions for real estate.
  • How to calculate embodied carbon, the team will talk you through the calculation developments and methodologies.
  • Get to grips with current market updates, including requirements, regulations, future expectations, and growth in interest.
  • Have a view of the wider implications and the sort of decisions you will need to make when establishing an effective process for reporting on embodied carbon.

The live webinar has now taken place but you can find out more and watch the webinar here:

Watch webinar: Embodied carbon in real estate