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Avoid these five ESOS mistakes

The Environment Agency (EA) published statistics from its programme of over 200 ESOS period 1 compliance audits: Only 16% of ESOS audits were fully compliant. In 75% of cases, remedial actions were required and 5% were deemed ‘non-compliant’.

So why did so many businesses fail? Having reviewed dozens of ESOS Evidence Packs, we have seen the common pitfalls. Beware of those that seem minor! Obvious discrepancies can act as a trigger for a full EA compliance audit. These are our top 5 mistakes to avoid:

1. Focussing purely on the cost of compliance or leaving it to the last minute.

Weigh up the value of a quality ESOS assessment and the benefits of recommendations from an unbiased, independent assessor. Does the Lead Assessor have breadth and depth of expertise in your industry? Are they independent or do they subsidise their ESOS service by using it as a sales channel for their product or service? Start early and don't be forced into taking whoever is available.

2. Failing to scope the Corporate Structure properly

Failing to include an accurate description or chart of the Corporate Group in the Evidence Pack is a common pitfall. This can lead to obvious discrepancies in the notification against Companies House information. Remember to include all companies/ energy uses in the ESOS assessment.

3. Getting in a muddle with data

Some assessors struggled to get the energy data they needed to do a good job. Get your data in order early. Ensure that systems are in place to obtain 12 month’s energy consumption data for all of your energy uses; buildings, industrial processes and transport.

4. Problems with the Total Energy Consumption (TEC) and Significant Energy Consumption

These are a common cause for remedial action and include:

  • Missing areas of energy consumption. For example, mistakes in converting transport mileage claims to energy.
  • Not stating conversion factors or areas where estimation was used
  • Not achieving 90% coverage of the TEC
  • If sampling is used, failing to extrapolate the results to the unaudited sites

5. Incomplete Evidence Pack

Often the Evidence Pack is not held in one place and the Lead Assessor has not transferred all relevant files to the client. Sometimes crucial items such as the Director or Lead Assessor sign offs are missing. This is easily avoided by using a check list.

Verco is independent, and has highly skilled Lead Assesors and specialist auditors. We are proud of our 100% compliance rate from period 1.

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