Posted by Tom Randall

Staff empowerment, up-skilling and collaboration to improve efficiency and comfort

An inefficient building has many consequences: Energy is wasted, maintenance is expensive, occupants are dissatisfied and uncomfortable, environmental reporting is poor.

Delivering building optimisation is not just a technical exercise. It requires cultural change. Verco has the expertise to work with teams across the whole operational supply team to deliver and sustain results.

We understand that the benefits of our expertise are more valuable if they can be sustained by the people who manage your buildings. Our service has an emphasis on collaboration. We work closely with the site facilities management team, developing a more performance based approach. We help them to delve into data, frequently already available, to identify improvement opportunities and target issues to pre-empt complaints.

For example, in a recent project, by adjusting temperature settings across an office building we observed:

  • A 10% reduction in heating and cooling demand

  • Improved temperature stability

  • 80% reduction in complaints

We encourage inquisitiveness in facilities managers and empower them to achieve benefits that they can repeat. This ensures that minimum energy use is sustained in the long-term and occupants remain happy and comfortable.

Where historic data allows, our managed performance services have the option of being underpinned by a cost neutral guarantee.

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