Value chain engagement accelerates decarbonisation

The need for collaboration.

Increasingly, Corporates are recognising the need for collaboration across their entire value chain in order to meet their ambitious decarbonisation targets. The evolving trend in the requirements from the carbon standards for Corporates to set separate reduction targets Scope 1 and 2 emissions and Scope 3 emissions is unlikely to change. Value chain collaboration will help organisations to reach these targets faster and more effectively.

  • Accelerate Scope 1 and 2 emissions reduction: Whilst Scope 1 and 2 emissions reduction could be handled mostly internally, there are shared learnings across the value chain which could accelerate decarbonisation.
  • Overcome the common challenges of Scope 3: Scope 3 emissions reduction clearly requires significant levels of collaboration and integration in the value chain to meet the common challenges.

Together we can achieve zero.

Verco are partnering with Corporates to advise on the benefits of value chain decarbonisation and have experience in identifying the priorities on which organisations should focus, along with the technical solutions required. Our clients have found that there is real value in using an external agent with the required insight to bring all parties together and facilitate this engagement:

  • An independent, unbiased, expert view of the value chain to identify the best opportunities, not those with the loudest voice.
  • We act as a central reference point to keep information flowing and a go-to for questions and support.
  • Our broad experience of implementing these projects with other, similar organisations avoids common pitfalls and ensures you take the best route first.

A recent example of this work is the deep-dive session we hosted on value chain decarbonisation with Oliver Hurrey (Galvanised) looking at the great work taking place at Pilgrim's UK led by Matt Dight, supported by Verco. We brought together the entire value chain, from suppliers through to peers, key partners and the majority of key UK retailers, to inform on, and share, the challenges that Pilgrim’s are facing on the journey to decarbonisation. We explored the key questions for value chain decarbonisation, the key intervention points and the role of each party on the journey, from the right metrics through to technology interventions and consumer communication. The feedback received during and after the session has helped Pilgrim’s further justify the efforts they are making in their business and with suppliers to accelerate decarbonisation.

If you are looking to make a significant impact on your value chain decarbonisation journey, speak to us.