Verco now offers Independent Design Reviews

We are delighted to announce that Verco’s Greg Waring has been appointed to the UK panel of 11 leading energy efficiency experts, responsible for all Independent Design Reviews undertaken as part of the Design for Performance process within the NABERS UK scheme administered by BRE.

Detailed independent assessments of building projects.

The UK Independent Design Review Panel has been created by the NABERS UK scheme to provide independent assessments of office developments going through the Design for Performance (DfP) process.

Gain confidence in the future performance of your new building.

Independent Design Reviews are a key aspect of the Design for Performance approach. Each Independent Design Review (IDR) is a substantive and highly skilled piece of work. It reviews the building simulation and building design, seeking to answer key questions:

  • Does the advanced simulation provide a robust, accurate prediction of the building’s likely operational performance and quantify key risk areas?
  • Are there any aspects of the planned design, construction or operation of the building that put the current performance target at risk?
  • What further actions could be taken in this and/or future projects to improve operational performance?

This process provides developers with assurances that their projects are on track to deliver against their planned targets and allows a Design Reviewed Target Rating to be assigned to their project.

Verco provides an expert review framed by unique strategic insight.

As well as the technical expertise required for each review, we have a unique and specialist insight into the NABERS UK and DfP processes, rules and rating tools. We have acted as lead UK technical adviser to the BBP working alongside Australian experts since 2015 to bring NABERS and DfP to the UK.

Over the last 5 years, we have pioneered the introduction of the IDR into the design process on multiple projects ranging in size from 4,000 to 90,000 m2. This experience enables us to advise clients how best to deploy the IDR cost optimally in their specific project.

The Verco perspective builds on our work over the last 10 years and more, seeking to transform the underlying culture from design for compliance to design for performance.

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