Technology briefings: Find the right fit for your decarbonising pathway

The challenge of decarbonising industrial thermal loads is likely to involve a mixture of efficiency improvements, process changes and new technologies. There are a number of technology types which are being proposed as part of the solution.

Bite-sized technology briefings to help you weigh up the right solution for your business.

Choosing the right approach for your own specific situation can be a complicated task. Over the coming weeks we will be recording a series of 10 minute long technology briefings.

For each technology group we provide:
- A short overview of the technology
- Considerations when looking at an application for the technology
- Our view on the technology maturity
- Commercial considerations

The briefings:

Watch Biofuels webinar

Watch Power to Heat webinar

Watch Power to Gas webinar

Watch Solar Thermal webinar

Our Technology Screening Assessment will help you choose the right options for decarbonising heat in your factory. Find out more about it here:

Technology Screening Assessment