Webinar: Making climate transition plans work

Having a robust climate transition plan is on the to-do list for many companies over the coming years. How do we make sure they are not seen as another compliance requirement and deliver real business benefit?

There is no shortage of guidance on transition plans but despite this, credible plans are rare. Most medium and large companies will have a regulatory requirement to publish a climate transition plan in the coming years, but stakeholder pressure may mean that there is an expectation to publish one sooner.

We are helping many organisations to develop impactful transition plans and have insights and tips to share with you:

Watch our on-demand webinar: Making climate transition plans work

Tim Crozier-Cole and Esther Stoakes, both members of Verco's corporate strategy team provide insights and views on the topic of transition plans including:

  • What a climate transition plan is.
  • Who must have one and when.
  • Tips on how to use transition plans to accelerate progress across the ESG agenda.

Useful take-aways from the webinar:

A transition plan goes beyond a simple roadmap to net zero. In addition to your climate targets and setting our how you'll cut emissions each year, it will include details of who is accountable, how action will be financed, and the integration with the wider business.

A good transition plan will reassure stakeholders that you're taking practical action on climate and are ready to tackle any obstacles to progress along the way.

Stakeholders are already asking for transition plans, but TCFD, UK Companies Act Regulation and EU CSRD also include them in their frameworks. These regulatory drivers are expected to become more relevant in the future as they become more directive about transition plan contents.

Tips for getting started:

  1. Start small, start soon. A credible plan is the work of several years and is an iterative process.
  2. Focus on an internal plan first and disclosures second.

Consider the synergies, trade-offs and conflicts with other business priorities and ESG issues early.

The webinar has already taken place but you can watch a recording here:

Making Climate Transition Plans work

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