Emilija Emma

Emilija Emma

Emilija Emma

Head of Report for Zero
Real Estate

Emilija leads Verco’s real estate reporting service line, helping our clients collect data, understand and baseline their portfolio performance, so they can kick off their net zero journey.

Emilija has over 8 years of experience delivering sustainability consultancy services within real estate and the broader built environment.

She is an expert in data collection, interpretation and reporting; she heads a ten-person team helping clients measure their environmental performance and assess their progress under Verco’s Reporting for Zero programme.

The services include:

- Delivery of large environmental reporting and performance programmes for real estate clients

- Strategic advice around industry reporting initiatives including GRESB, INREV, EPRA, REEB, etc.

- Delivery of compliance with specific climate change regulation e.g. SECR, EU Taxonomy, SFDR, TCFD, etc.

Emilija delivered the environmental reporting retainer for a major real estate investment client (1500+ buildings owned). She supervised and quality assured reporting to INREV (10 separate reports), GRESB (9 submissions), REEB, and standard quarterly data review process. Under her supervision the client achieved their best-ever GRESB scores.